450-ton dump truck has been entered in the Guinness Book of World Records twice

by Apeg, October 2, 2015

GuinnessWorldRecords has granted two Certificates to OJSC “BELAZ. The famous Guinness Book of World Records has memorialized two records achieved by the 450-tonner BELAZ-75710 at once.

Breaking the record. BELAZ-75710 dump truck carrying the test load on the test field


“The largest two-axle dump truck is BELAZ-75710 with nominal payload capacity of 450 metric tons (992 080 pounds and 2,88 ounces) produced by OJSC “BELAZ (Belarus) and tested in the territory of the company in Zhodino on 22 January, 2014.


“The biggest dump truck body is the body of BELAZ-75710 dump truck of 645,4 cubic meters  produced by OJSC “BELAZ (Belarus) and tested in the territory of the company in Zhodino on 22 January, 2014.


The record-holder – BELAZ-75710 dump truck (chassis No.1) has been working in Chernigovets mine in Russia for over a year. In this period the truck has transported about 4 million tons of loads and traveled about 52 thousand kilometers – as if it has been driven around the Equator once and has started another circle around the Earth.


In Chernigovets mine

The main advantages of BELAZ-75710:
·  the largest payload capacity owing to eight tires;
·  high maneuverability owing to two pivoted axles and unique kinematics of turn. The turning radius is 19,8 m (by comparison the turning radius of a 360-ton dump truck is 17,2 m);
·   stability owing to the suspension know-how (application of stabilizer posts of transverse stability);
·  good cross-country ability owing to all-wheel drive;
·  dynamic unloading owing to the most powerful hydraulic body hoist drive;
·  high rate of productivity owing to the “smart AC electromechanic transmission with electric differentials and anti-skid system;
·  efficiency owing to the effective two-diesel engine set. The total power of the power modules is 3430 kW or 4600 h.p.

The innovative advanced engineering solutions used in the design of the new generation dump truck which is BELAZ– 75710 have make it a unique dump truck demonstrating high efficiency.

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