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by Apeg, December 11, 2015

On 11, December 2015 the painting complex “IMEL spa for the components of dump trucks with heavy and super heavy payload capacity was commissioned at the premises of OJSC “BELAZ – Management Company of Holding “BELAZ-HOLDING.

The speech of the General Director, P.Parkhomchik in front of the workers of OJSC “BELAZ”


Presenting of the certificates of operation and technical maintenance training of the painting complex “IMEL spa to the BELAZ workers.


Formal opening of painting complex (right to left: General Director of OJSC “BELAZ P.Parkhomchik, CEO of IMEL Mr. M.D’anjela, General Director of CJSC “Blestashchaya liniya L.Uriadnikova, Head of municipal executive committee M.Omelianchuk)


First loading of the complex chambers

4(19) 5(17)

The painting complex consists of three operation lines:
•    Line 1 – for painting of large units of weight up to 31 ton, consists of washing-drying chamber and shot blasting chamber for cleaning of the parts from fat stains, rust and residual of corrosion, two painting-drying chambers and floor transport system.
•    Line 2 – for painting of parts and units of weight up to 1 700kg, consists of washing0drying chamber with water solutions of chemicals, “small shot blasting chamber, priming chamber, priming drying, enamel application, enamel drying and lifting carrying conveyor of special construction.
Application of cover, priming and enamel with their layers drying is carried out according to the flexible technology – it is possible to apply different number of priming and enamel layers at one-time parts passing on the technological chain.
•    Line 3 – ensures industrial-sanitary and ecological requirements. Before the discharge to the canalization exhaust water solutions are chemically and physically cleaned according to the corresponding sanitary standards.
The complex “IMEL spa is fitted with the equipment which allows to prepare the surface in accordance with the International standards requirements.
The project cost is 8 850 thousand EURO.  The area of painting complex “IMEL spa makes up 1700 m2, max dimensions of the parts in the complex – 3.700 mm (height), 4.300mm (width), 12.000(length) with the weight up to 31.000kg.

Implementation of painting complex will enable to:
– improve quality of products by means of development and implementation of new technologies, usage of modern painting materials and engineering solutions;
–  guarantee the operation life of paint coating up to 5 years in terms of mining dump trucks operation in all climatic zones;
– ensure the best quality of paint coating in accordance with the requirements of the customers of BELAZ mining dump trucks.

OJSC “BELAZ nowadays is a high-technology plant which is able to produce new equipment with high consumer characteristics within a short time, open for extension of cooperation.

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