Down Under’s Earth Moving Alternative

by Apeg, July 8, 2012

Belarusian Autoworks has expanded its dealer network to the Australian and New Zealand market to cater for the demand for high quality mining dump vehicles, with significant operational capabilities, energy efficiency and minimal ecological impact.

Belarusian Autoworks has appointed Australasian Pacific Engineering Group (APEG Pty Ltd) as the exclusive Australian BELAZ distributor.

APEG Pty Ltd has put in place support arrangements which will provide full customer support and spare parts for the BELAZ dump trucks. This includes a network of sales, after sales staff and a repairs and maintenance agreement with Sharps Heavy Equipment.

Sharps Heavy Equipment are fully certified services agents by Belarusian Autoworks.

These arrangements provide a real, effective and safe earthmoving alternative.

The introduction of the BELAZ-75603 mining dump truck at the “Major Mining Equipment, Technologies and Services Exhibition” (MINExpo) in Las Vegas has raised significant interest from potential customers interested in quality, reliability, technical specifications and ease of operation.

The BELAZ-75603, the flagship of the Belarusian Autoworks, has a payload of 400-ton (362 tonne), and combines quality with the latest technology.

The default wheel arrangement of 4*2, combined with a short frame and AC transmission, provides smoothness, manoeuvrability, good traction-motional characteristics and a speed of 64kph.

The Cummins QSK78-C engine with electronic control system and centralized coolant system offers gross power of 3500hp (2610kW) and provides high rated power, stable acceleration and fuel efficiency. The construction of the trucks transmission, suspension and steering provide high performance, manoeuvrability and stability with a significant reduction in operating costs

The BELAZ designers and constructors have paid particular attention to operator safety and comfort. Operator safety, in an emergency, is provided by steering controls that meet ISO5010 standards and braking systems, which include main, parking, reserve and auxiliary, that meet the international ISO3450 standard and provide effective braking at all speeds. The cabin is designed to provide the operator with a high level of comfort in all conditions.

The truck is fitted with an activevideo system consisting of video cameras, radar and thermal imaging. Chassis construction provides passive safety in the event of a collision.

The modern equipment and design of the truck enables it to operate in harsh and difficult environments and weather conditions. The quality of the truck, its high safety standards, combined with a wide choice of configurations keeps BELAZ as a leader in the mining dump truck market.

Belarusian Autoworks, jointly with APEG Pty Ltd, will provide an opportunity for Australian consumers to experience the quality, reliability and significant competitive advantage of the BELAZ mining dump trucks at an exhibition on 22 February 2013 at Rutherford NSW. The flagship BELAZ-75603 and the BELAZ-75315 with a payload of 264-ton (240 tonnes) will both be on display to representatives of the world’s leading mining companies.

APEG Pty Ltd extends an invitation to all those interested in attending the exhibition on 22 February 2013.

Please register your interest in attending the exhibition by email to

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