Massive order signals good times ahead for Australian newcomer

by Apeg, January 13, 2013

It may be a newcomer to the Australian marketplace but Belarusian dump truck manufacturer BELAZ (Belarusian Autoworks) is having a bumper time in its traditional stomping ground.

The company has signed off on what it said could be the biggest order for mining trucks ever placed. Russian miner Mechel has agreed a deal for around 900 mining trucks, which if not the biggest ever, is enough to get competitors grinding their teeth. The 10-year deal will see the bulk of the 900 BELAZ trucks, ranging in capacity from 136-320 tonnes delivered to Mechel for use on its massive Elginski coal field in the Republic of Sakha, Yakutia.

BELAZ said the delivery rate was expected to be spread relatively evenly over the decade. The first stage of the agreement was initiated in April and saw 11 trucks (made up 220-tonne, 130-tonne and 55-tonne capacity machines) ordered for transporting overburden and coal at the Nerungrinsk open pit and Elga coal complex. A further four 130t trucks will be used to transport soil and iron ore at the Korshunovsk mine.

“BELAZ trucks are widely used at our mining plants and have proven themselves well. As such, the 10 year agreement with Belarus Autoworks (BELAZ), which guarantees us supplies of these trucks in the amount we need, is highly important for us, especially considering the growing production volumes at the Elga deposit,” Mechel Mining CEO Igor Zyuzin said

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