by Apeg, December 3, 2015


Project of new aircraft tug BELAZ-74270

The assembly of the aircraft tug BELAZ-74270 in the development workshop is approaching completion. The factory specialists have thoroughly reconsidered the conception of aircraft tugs construction. New aircraft tugs are equipped with new advanced technical developments:

•    The equipment configuration has been changed. Overall dimensions of BELAZ-74270 remained the same as previous models (BELAZ-7421) but new aircraft tug is able to tow aircrafts of 5th class with takeoff weight up to 600t.
•    The aircraft tug is equipped with reliable fuel efficient engine DEUTZ TCD 2015 with capacity 330 kW with electronic control and diagnostic system. The advantage of this system consists in its ecological safety in accordance with required standards EPA/ COMIII.
•    Modern cabin with panoramic windscreen of enhanced comfort with air conditioning, information liquid-crystal display on dashboard, improved lining and insulating are installed. In order to improve visibility the aircraft tug is equipped with a reversing camera.
•    New driving steering axles allow to perform 4 types of turning: turning of front wheels, turning of rear wheels, turning of front and rear wheels in one direction (sidewards movement), turning of front and rear wheels with small turning radius.
•    Modern automatic hydromechanical transmission made by BELAZ with four stages of forward travel and three stages of reverse travel. Automatic control system of hydromechanical transmission allows to choose the best   traction-speed mode which facilitates driving and guarantees safety.

Enlargement of product range enables to expand product market and satisfy the customers.

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